Seminar on Prof. Erdun Bayar’s academic achievements held in Hohhot

To implement the spirit of the instructions of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee when he inspected IMU on July 16, 2019 about Mongolian ancient documents and that of the Opinions of Advancing the Work of Ancient Documents in a New Era issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and General Office of the State Council in April 2022, the School of Mongolian Studies(SMS) of IMU held the seminar on Prof. Erdun Bayar’s academic achievements in Hohhot City on July 14, 2023 to further discuss Prof. Erdun Bayar’s academic achievements and academic contributions and carry out and cherish the memory of his spirit to pursue excellence in research.

The seminar consists of opening ceremony, keynote speeches, group discussions and closing ceremony. Present at the seminar were over 120 experts and scholars from such over 50 universities, research institutions and departments concerned as Peking University, Minzu University of China, Capital Normal University, Wuhan University, Tibet University and Qinghai Normal University.



 The opening ceremony was chaired by Bage, secretary of the CPC Committee of SMS.

At the opening ceremony, Qiao Biao, deputy secretary of IMU CPC Committee, expressed sincere welcome and thanks to the attendees of the seminar on behalf of the university. He introduced Prof. Erdun Bayar’s achievements and contributions in scientific research, discipline development and talent cultivation.

Prof. Ba. Gerletu, Erdun Bayar’s PhD supervisor who is with IMU, delivered a keynote speech titled “The Pioneer Focusing on Mongolian and Tibetan Writings-in Memory of Prof. Erdun Bayar, My PhD Student”. In his speech, Prof. Ba. Gerletu summarized Prof. Erdun Bayar’s journey of research. Agaru, daughter of Prof. Erdun Bayar addressed the seminar on behalf of Prof. Erdun Bayar’s family. She expressed her sincere thanks to the host of the seminar and experts and scholars present at the seminar. She said that she was deeply influenced by her father. Shu Lin, the first PhD student supervised by Prof. Erdun Bayar and research fellow with Inner Mongolian Academy of Social Sciences, addressed the seminar and recalled the deep feelings between his supervisor and him. 35 of Prof. Erdun Bayar’s former classmates who were admitted to the Department of Mongolian Language and Literature of IMU in 1982, presented mementoes to the family of Prof. Erdun Bayar.

During the parts of keynote speeches and group discussions, over 30 experts and scholars including Prof. Chen Ganglong with Peking University, Prof. Wu Guangzheng, director of Chinese Religious Literature and Documents Research Center of Wuhan University, Prof. Wang Mantga with Minzu University of China and Prof. Liu Cheng with IMU, respectively delivered keynote speeches and addresses and objectively commented on Prof. Erdun Bayar’s academic achievements and contributions, his spirit of and attitude to research and his noble character and influence in an all-around way.

Erdun Bayar, Mongolian, PhD of literature, Class B professor of IMU and PhD supervisor, was from Naiman Banner, Inner Mongolia. He was special-term professor with Chang Jiang Scholars Program of the Ministry of Education, leading talent with the National Special Program to Support the Hogh-Level Talents of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, talent with Program for Cultural Celebrities of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee. He won the award of Inner Mongolia for outstanding talents and was one of the first batch of “Grassland Talents”. He was adjunct professor of Inner Mongolia Normal University and Northwest Minzu University.

Erdun Bayar, was one the few experts at home and abroad who excelled in Mongolian and Tibetan, broke the ground in the tapping, sorting and research of Mongolian and Tibetan writings, Mongolian literary theories, studies of the relationship between Mongolian poetics and Tibetan poetics, research of Mongolian Buddhist literature and documents and comparative study of Mongolian Gesar and Tibetan Gesar. For over 30 years, he had published more than 40 articles in journals at home and abroad, over 10 books including monographs, translated works and compilations. In April, 2023, the 4th anniversary of his death, The Anthology of Erdun Bayar(6 volumes), his academic achievements sorted out and compiled by his wife Yue, Qiqig and his PhD student-Research Fellow Shu Lin, is published.


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